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INFOhio Home
Do you want to learn more about online safety?

How can you make sure that no matter what you are doing on the Internet, that you are leaving a positive digital footprint.

Interland includes online adventures in learning more about online safety, phishing, privacy, security and online behavior.   

You have to stop a techie spy and his crew from stealing your personal information and prove that you can protect yourself online.   

Downloadable tip sheets on identifying, preventing, and responding to cyberbullying, cell phone safety, social media safety and other related topics.

Tips to recognize false claims and scams, how to avoid phishing and what to do to report phishing scams.

Visit the island for your grade level, complete the games and click on the surfboard to test your knowledge about online safety.   

Each tutorial helps you learn about your digital footprints and make the right choices for you.