Do you want to explore arts and crafts?
Do you want to explore arts and crafts?

39 DIY Projects for Teens

39 different DIY projects using Duck tape, Instagram, nail art, baseballs, drones, and more!

Calming Jars

In this COSI Connects activity learn to make calming jars. These jars are a fun way to enjoy bright colors and glitter, and they also work well for calming breaks - shake up a bottle and watch quietly as it settles. Click the green Open button to access this COSI Connects activity.

Drawing Games with Tate Draw

Free draw or play fun drawing games like memory draw, mirror draw, and pixel draw! 

Drawing with Mr. J

Let your imagination run free! Draw a cat attacking a city or a donut playing a sport. Learn how in a few easy steps in Drawing with Mr. J!

Duck Tape Crafts

Learn how to use duct tape to make many DIY projects.

Easy Drawing Tutorials

If you like drawing, this is the site for you! Learn how to draw your favorite Disney and cartoon characters.

Jewelry Making

Learn to make different jewelry, such as coin earrings and bracelets.

Origami for Kids

Follow these instructions to create 12 easy (or very easy) Origami designs.

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