Do you want to learn more about animals?
Do you want to learn more about animals?


What is a habitat? Create a habitat for a stuffed animal or toy out of materials around the house! Discuss what sorts of things the animal needs in its habitat to survive. Click the green Open button to access this COSI Connects activity.

Learning About Food Chains

Are you a producer or a consumer? Where do you fit in the food chain? Find out in this short video.

National Geographic Kids: Habitats

What types of habitats are needed to protect endangered species? Explore images and learn about habitats from all over the world. 

Northern Riffleshell Facts and Information

Mussels in Ohio? Learn about the Northern Riffleshell, a threatened and endangered species.

Science Trek: Habitats

Habitats can be fun! Learn the basics of habitats with this video!

Tools of Predation

Join the Cleveland Museum of Natural History at the Perkins Wildlife Center and learn more about the unique physical adaptations and the interesting dietary preferences of predators. 

Vertebrate Zoology Collections

Assistant Curator of Vertebrate Zoology, Roberta Muehlheim, at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History shows us some of her favorite skeletons in this fascinating collection and talks about her important research in conserving amphibian populations in Ohio. 

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