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Do you want help with research?
Do you want help with research?

15 Ways to Beat Procrastination

Here are 15 techniques to get rid of procrastination and be more productive!

5Ws of Website Evaluation

Use these 5W's to evaluate a web site.

Data Analysis and Graphs

Find charts and graphs to help you analyze the data and patterns in your project.


Discover current events and news stories from around the world. Browse by topics including science, social studies, and the environment. 

Get Organized While You Research

Use this worksheet to keep track of sources and information.

Project Checklist from Big6

How will you know if you have done your best on a school assignment? Use this checklist. 

Research is Like Cooking

Watch this four-minute video to learn why it's better to start research early rather than waiting until the last minute.

Website Evaluation

Good Source? Bad Source? How can you tell? Watch this 11-minute video to learn what to look for.

What is Plagiarism and How to Avoid it

Find out what plagiarism is and how you can avoid it while doing a project.