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Do you want to practice another language?
Do you want to practice another language?


Click "Use without account" to access single player games. Learn a language with fun activities and games. The following languages are included: Spanish, French, German, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, and Latin.

Digital Dialects

Level up your language skills with learning activities, vocabulary lists, and games from Digital Dialects. 

Give Me Some Direction! | Lost and Found

Go on a virtual scavenger hunt with Noah and Nell in this interactive game from PBS Kids. Use directional clues in Spanish to help you collect items that Coco lost on her way to the picnic. 

L'Arc en Ciel

PBS Learning Media combines language learning and traditional folk music in this video.Learn about the colors of the rainbow in this animation of the French song "L'Arc en Ciel" which means "the Rainbow." 


Listen to dialects and accents from all around the world. Click on a country to hear its voices.

¡Bienvenidos a nuestra escuela!

Learn Spanish vocabulary terms as students take you on a tour of their school in these short video segments from PBS Learning Media.